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Hiding Out?
We Get It.

Experiencing a death is hard enough, not to mention all the paperwork, phone calls, and logistics. Let us help with the small things, so you can get back to the big things.

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Overwhelmed by Logistics after Death?

It's common knowledge that a funeral comes after death, but seldom do we hear about everything else. Executors and families navigate all kinds of challenges after loss from complex paperwork to complicated family dynamics to balancing it all while the rest of the world keeps moving. It can be unbearable.


LooseEnds is here to guide you through everything that arises in the months and years after death and to help you wind down affairs in a way that works for you.

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What We Do
LooseEnds is Changing The Process

Before LooseEnds

A Never-Ending To-Do List

Unsure Who to Turn To 

Navigating Big Decisions Alone

Dealing with Unforeseen Consequences

Not Enough Bereavement Leave

Tasked with a Thankless Job

Not Sure What Professional Services You Need

Unclear Which Number to Call

Riding the Grief Rollercoaster

After LooseEnds

Receive Personalized To-Do's & a Timeline

Partner with Expert Consultants 

Talk Through Decisions, Fears, Wishes

Avoid Many Common Pitfalls

Utilize the Time You Have to the Fullest

Feel Supported Through a Difficult Process

Receive Recommendations for Experts in your Area

Get Instructions & Scripts When Canceling Accounts

Ride with Someone Who Understands the Ups & Downs

Schedule a Call

Schedule a Free Consultation

Schedule a free 30-minute call with a member of our team to see if LooseEnds is right for you

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