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Review some of our most asked Q&A's before committing to LooseEnds services

What exactly are the "practical matters" after someone dies?

While many see the funeral as the final step, executors and families continue to deal with logistics in the months and years after death. These can include big things like filing insurance claims, managing probate, filing taxes, changing a title or deed on a car or home, transitioning ownership of financial accounts. It can also be smaller things like closing a bank account, memorializing social media, sorting through your loved one's closet, and canceling magazine subscriptions in their name.

I already have an estate lawyer, is that a problem?

Absolutely not. LooseEnds works with your existing professional resources, like estate lawyers or accountants, or connects you with new service providers in your area. We believe that even with all the resources in the world - estate lawyers, accountants, grief specialists, realtors - there are still things that no one can help with. That's where we come in. 

How can LooseEnds help me? 

If you are an executor and already managing a busy lifestyle, LooseEnds can help. We want you to have space to feel, process, and heal after loss and not to be clouded with all of these logistics. LooseEnds helps to organize, prioritize, and coordinate the process for you so that you can feel empowered and comfortable moving forward. Need to organize what, when and how you have to do everything? We're here for that. Need help navigating big decisions? We can talk it through with you. Need help with the minute details of canceling an online account, finding the right customer service number, or how to donate your person's sweaters? We are here to help.

What should I do to start?

You're already here, so you've already started! Now, download our free After Loss Guide to receive our introductory work book. From there, you can schedule a free call with us if you would like to learn more about our services. If you'd like to stay in touch, join our community to receive helpful resources, updates on new offerings and features, and tips for navigating this challenging time in your life. 

How much does it cost?

Our promise is that pricing is always transparent for our customers given that pricing of death related services is often not so clear cut. If you ever feel that we can do better with making pricing more clear, email us at

Our 30-minute Introductory Call is free for you. We also offer low-cost DIY Workbooks for your own self-guided process or a starter package for those who prefer more support to start. After that, we charge a $200/hour consulting fee for our ongoing concierge service. 

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