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What We Do

Starting Off

Not sure where to start? Receive a personalized roadmap that organizes each detail that comes up after loss - from big milestones to all of the loose ends.


From legal documents to property titles to tax forms, LooseEnds provides the run down on exactly what everything is and how to complete required forms.


Did you inherit a property? LooseEnds provides information on how to manage a property from afar, how to handle utilities, and steps to take if you plan to sell. 

Probate & Estates

Navigating probate is complicated. LooseEnds empowers executors and families with information and resources to feel confident when making decisions.


From bank accounts to social media to various online services, LooseEnds identifies what accounts you will need to manage, close, or transition to your name.


It's easy to put emotional wellbeing to the back burner after death. LooseEnds looks out for your wellbeing, while you are looking out for everyone else's.

How Our Concierge Services Work

Tailored to help with the practical pieces that arise after death, LooseEnds offers a personalized service to assist you with everything that comes up in the weeks, months, and years after death. 

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1. Develop Plan

Once we've established LooseEnds is a good fit for you, work with our team to set up a plan for winding down your loved ones affairs. Plans include guidance on how to complete each step, rough timeline, and suggested resources.

2. Check-In

Establish a 1-on-1 relationship with one of our Loss Consultants. They provide regular check-in's and support, email reminders, and assist with questions and tasks as they come up.

3. See to the End

After loss, some people may be with you for part of the journey, but we want to be there until the end. Lean on us as you continue to navigate winding down affairs.

How It Works
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