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We Take the Small Things, so You Can Get Back to the Big Things

There's Too Much To Do After A Loss

Winding down affairs can be a daunting task. Executors and families are tasked with handling assets, accounts, insurance, property, and the digital legacy. In doing so, families navigate all kinds of challenges: complex paperwork, antiquated systems & processes, and coordination across multiple parties. It's time-consuming, exhausting, and frustrating.


LooseEnds is here to guide you through estate administration and the account changes that must be taken care of after death.

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Losing a loved one is hard enough, not to mention all the phone calls, paperwork, and logistics

The Average Person Has...

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Before LooseEnds

No Roadmap

A Never Ending To-Do List

Navigating Big Decisions Alone

Unclear how to Close, Transfer, or Manage Accounts

Long Wait Times & Multiple Calls with Customer Service

Not Enough Time to Call During Business Hours

Facing Late Payments and Fees

Dealing with Unforeseen Consequence

Not Enough Bereavement Leave to Handle Everything

AFTER LooseEnds

Receive Personalized Roadmap + Timeline

Talk Through Decisions, Fears, Wishes


Get Instructions & Scripts When Canceling Accounts

Outsource to Our Team so You Don't Have to Wait

Receive Updates as Changes are Made

Receive Recommendations from our Experts

Utilize the Time You Have to the Fullest

Feel Supported Through a Difficult Process

Save Time and Reduce Stress

Schedule a Call
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Schedule a free 30-minute call with a member of our team to see if LooseEnds is right for you

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