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Where I Started

After I lost both of my parents, I started out just like you probably did - Googling.


Who do I call for this?

How to I cancel that?

Is there a deadline for doing this?

Will I ruin anything if I do that?

How do I manage all of this?

On top of dealing with the overwhelming grief that comes and goes and comes again after a loss, I was left trying to be organized, responsible, and in reality, barely holding it together. I felt shocked that in 2015, beyond an AARP article I found online, there was little to tell me what I had to deal with, close out, and manage as an executor after my parents died.


Where We're Going

So, I put together everything I would have wanted. Someone to navigate what comes next, find the right customer service number, help make the most of my legal fees, be a supportive presence. With that person, I could have focused on what was most important to me - time spent with my brothers, growing in my career, and simply trying to reconstruct a future without my parents. 


LooseEnds is the answer to all the nitty gritty details that must be dealt with after a death. Yes, death will always be hard and feel overwhelming. But my hope is you feel just a little bit less confused, less alone, and closer to getting back to what matters most.


In short, now you can keep your eyes on the important things, and we'll take care of the loose ends.


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